About the Library Lab

About Library Lab

Harvard Library established the Harvard Library Lab in order to create better services for students and faculty and to join with others in fashioning the information society of the future.

Library Lab, an internal competitive grant program open to students, faculty, and staff, seeded and supported innovative projects at Harvard that are entrepreneurial, scalable, open, and experimental, and characterized by a strong emphasis on collaboration. It is adminstered by the Office for Scholarly Communication.

Library Lab leverages the entrepreneurial aspirations of people throughout the library system and beyond and promotes projects in all areas of library activity.

> Meet our participants!


Kathryn Hammond Baker, 2011-2014
Deputy Director of the Center for the History of Medicine
Countway Library of Medicine

Robert Darnton, 2010-2014
Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor
University Librarian

Michael Hemment, 2011-2014
Director, Product Development & Publishing
Baker Library

John Palfrey, 2010-2012
Former Henry N. Ess III Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources at Harvard Law School

Connie Rinaldo, 2012-2014
Librarian of the Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology

Tracey Robinson, 2010-2014
Managing Director, Library Technology Services

Helen Shenton, 2010-2011
Former Executive Director of the Harvard Library

Stuart Shieber, 2010-2014
James O. Welch, Jr. and Virginia B. Welch Professor of Computer Science
Faculty Director of the Office for Scholarly Communication

Laura Wood, 2010-2011
Former Harvard Divinity School Librarian

Our Sponsor

Arcadia Logo

Arcadia is a charitable fund, supporting charities and scholarly institutions that preserve cultural heritage and the environment. We also give grants that promote open access to information. Since 2002, Arcadia has awarded more than $326 million to projects around the world.


Our cultural grants to museums, archives and universities preserve at risk cultural heritage. We support digital documentation of near-extinct languages, endangered historical archives and artefacts,  and endangered cultural practices. We enable free, online, open access to all these materials.


Our environmental grants preserve endangered habitats and make research on these places available to all. We support protection of tracts of land and sea, train conservation practitioners and support advocacy, policy development and research.


Our open access grants work to make research, publications, legal and other materials freely available to all via the internet. We support open access advocacy and open access repositories. For further information click here.