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Awesome Box is an additional returns box that offers library users the ability to promote any item. Interact with an amazing or useful item from the library and return it to the Awesome Box instead of the normal drop box. That item gets recorded as Awesome so the community can see what others have found helpful, entertaining, or mind-blowing.

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TagTeam is middleware that stands between tagging platforms and readers to harness the power of social tagging across multiple tagging tools. A creator can add a “hub,” or project, on a topic and designate any number of input feeds and output feeds. TagTeam enhances the standard social tagging process by removing duplicate items and spam, support both folksonomies, or user-supplied tags, and ontologies determined by a project creator.

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How do students engage with the library collection, inside and outside the library building? Where and when do they make use of library materials they’ve checked out? Most libraries have limited empirical data describing how the community engages with resources, but Where the Wild Books Are sought to increase that knowledge by conducting a study in which students track their library engagement using a mobile application. Using an app on their own mobile devices, students simply scan the barcode of an item and the app stores the timestamp and geolocation data for analysis.

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