Open Access Week 2015

Harvard is celebrating Open Access Week, an international series of events highlighting open access to research, and promoting open access as the new default for peer-reviewed scholarship.

This web page will be updated with new announcements as we release them.

Monday, October 19th

Copyright and State Government Publications

Kyle Courtney, OSC Program Manager and Copyright Advisor, presents "Copyright and State Government Publications: an FSGI 'status update'" at the Best Practices Exchange conference at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg, PA.

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Latest Dispatch

Read the latest edition of Dispatch, the newsletter from the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC), which may be found here. Highlights include enhancements to DASH, Harvard's open-access repository, a new open-access policy at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, and Open Access Week 2015.

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Open Access in the Yard

Open Access Week banners are flying in Harvard Yard. See them next to Massachusetts Hall, and Widener, Pusey, and Houghton Libraries.

Open Access Banners flying in Harvard Yard

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Tuesday, October 20th

Harvard Authors Making A Difference

Open Access Week table tents can be seen throughout campus and in Harvard libraries starting this week.

Table tents with DASH user stories on display

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Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies

A new edition of Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies by Peter Suber and Stuart Shieber, is now available. Please see the press release from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

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Promoting Open Access

Open Access week is being promoted via digital screens throughout campus and via HOLLIS, Harvard Library's online catalog.

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Wednesday, October 21st

Fair Use and Copyright

Kyle Courtney contributes to several panel discussions on fair use and copyright at the BYU Copyright Symposium in Provo, UT.

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Open Access Week Reading List

Peter Suber, Director of the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication, put together an Open Access Week reading list. Says Suber:

I hope you talk about OA at every opportune moment. If an opportune moment doesn't come up every week, then use OA Week as the occasion. In my view, that's the main purpose of OA Week. Talk from a stage, your office, a hallway, a sidewalk, or a café table… If you inspire your colleagues to want to act or learn more, then follow up with some suggested readings. Here are half a dozen of my own that I can recommend.
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Harvard Library Feature Article

The Harvard Library released a short feature article on Open Access Week, authored by Peter Suber and Colin Lukens.

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Thursday, October 22nd

New OSC Posters

See new OSC posters throughout campus this week and in the future. The new posters share feedback from users, highlighting the benefits of depositing in DASH and making your work open. If you would like to receive posters, please contact the OSC at

Open Access posters in Harvard Yard

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Stories from DASH Readers

Visit the OSC page Your Story Matters. Every year, hundreds of user stories arrive at the Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC). Global scholars in every discipline take a moment to react to or comment on work they have downloaded from DASH, Harvard's open-access repository. Most of these user stories thank the OSC, Harvard Library, and Harvard University faculty, students, and academics for making vital research and scholarship freely available to them and their peers. Many present moving and detailed narratives about personal enrichment, community engagement, and challenges with censorship or access restrictions.

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Friday, October 23rd

ORCID's Alice Meadows

Attend a presentation by Alice Meadows, Communication Director for ORCID, from 1-2pm, at the John G. Wolbach Library at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics. Sponsored by the John G. Wolbach Library – more information here.

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Monday, October 26th


Peter Suber will discuss Harvard's open-access policies, DASH, and the role of the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication to the Harvard ABCD group, an informal, University-wide association promoting communication and collaboration on technology-related topics across organizational boundaries.

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