As a faculty assistant, you have a key role in the implementation of Harvard's open access policies. Help your professors increase their citation count and get the results of their research out to the millions of people around the world who read DASH. Hear how it helps people on our stories page.


You can submit your professors' scholarly work to DASH, Harvard's open-access repository, using our quick submit form. You may also send the OSC your faculty member's CV; our Open Access Fellows will then "scrape" the CV for citations and, if possible, submit them to DASH.

We may ask you to help locate a copy of the preferred version of an article, the author's accepted manuscript: be sure to get a copy, whenever your professors submit a new article to a publisher for consideration. They'll thank you later!

(Before articles can appear in DASH, OSC must have on file an Assistance Authorization—we may ask for your help in getting your faculty member to submit it.)

Prior to Publication

You may also assist your professors with the publication process; the author addendum is a way to make a publishing contract consistent with the open-access policy, and some publishers require authors to get a waiver of Harvard's license under the policy.