Completed Projects

Archivist’s Workstation (CS 96) (12/1/11-10/31/12)

Automatic Subject Heading Extraction (4/1/12-11/30/12)

Atlas Viewer (1/1/11-11/30/11)

Awesome Box (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Blink (4/1/12-6/1/13 )

Connected Scholar (5/1/11-11/30/11)

Connecting the Dots: Using EAC-CPF to Reunite Samuel Johnson and His Circle (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Curated Collections for the Curious (4/1/12-11/30/12)

DASH for Collection Development (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Deposit@Harvard (1/1/11-11/30/11)

DRS Access for Mobile Devices (5/1/11-11/30/12)*

Geospatial Mapping of Library Preservation (12/1/11-11/30/12)

H20, Adaptable Digital Textbooks (4/1/12-11/30/12)*

Harvard Film Archive in HOLLIS (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Harvard Library Copyright and Fair Use Tool (5/1/11-11/30/12)

Highbrow: A Textual Annotation Browser (1/1/11-11/30/11)*

ILLiad Add Ons (12/1/11-11/30/12)

IRMA: Improved Records Management Administration (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Inscriptio: Interactive Carrel Seating Application (1/1/11-11/30/11)

Library Application Collaboration, Development Tools and Resources (5/1/11-11/30/11)

LibraryCloud Server (1/1/11-11/30/11)

Library Innovation Podcasts (1/1/11-11/30/11)

Library Test Kitchen/Labrary (12/1/11-10/31/12)

Making Sense of Thousands of Email Messages (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Privileges Online Application Management System (12/1/11-11/30/12)

QR Codes in the Library: A Window to Online Research Services (5/1/11-11/30/11)

Social Tagging for Archival Collections (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Spectacle: Library Collections Slideshow Generator (1/11-11/30/11)

Supporting Cooperative Cataloging (4/1/12-11/30/12)

Who Is Using Data and Why? (12/1/11-11/30/12)

Wolbach User Experience Lab (1/1/11-11/30/11)

Yana: an Open Source Template for Scholarly Journals to Develop Mobile Applications (5/1/11-11/30/12)*

Zeega (was extraMUROS) (1/1/11-11/30/12)*

Zone 1 Rescue Repository (5/1/11-11/30/12)*

*Received supplemental funding for additional work

Submitters of five proposals, each addressing issues of collection management, were asked to contribute ideas for a broad solution. Representatives from all five projects met on February 23, and the notes from the meeting are available here.

Communities of Knowledge

Hugh Truslow, Librarian for the Davis Center Collection, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

A platform for Harvard’s intellectual communities to gather, share, annotate, tag and otherwise make useful bibliographic and other information resources.

Benefit: Harvard research communities

Macro Discovery and Distribution Management System

Elizabeth Vernon, Lee M. Friedman Judaica Technical Services Librarian, Widener Library on behalf of the Aleph Macro Working Group

A macro sharing tool that facilitates the submission, distribution, and discovery of macros used by the Harvard library community.

Benefit: Harvard library community

Senegalese Law Wiki

Jonathan Murley, Financial Manager, Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Using Senegalese law as a test case, this project explores the potential of using a wiki-style website to build and disseminate a serious collection in the developing world.

Benefit: legal researchers and scholars in the developing world

Shared Archival Processing Metrics

Kathryn Hammond Baker, Deputy Director of the Center for the History of Medicine, Countway Library

A tool to allow repositories to track and evaluate their processing workflow, refine data standards, and share their results with the archival community.

Benefit: archives and special collections

Shared Full-Text Search and Annotation Tool

Christopher Erdmann, Head Librarian, Harvard College Observatory

A project to unify the different methods used by astronomy libraries to find and semantically link scientific literature.

Benefit: researchers in astronomy and astrophysics

Two proposals were asked to contribute to planned and existing work that is closely aligned with the Library’s Office for Information Systems.

HOLLIS Catalog Patron Account

Michelle Durocher, Director of HCL Technical Services, Harvard College Library

A project to unify all of a library user’s requests (interlibrary loans, purchase requests, local retrievals from remote storage, etc.) under a single HOLLIS account.

Benefit: HOLLIS users and library staff

Maps of Library Locations in HOLLIS Search Results

Rebecca Perry, Staff in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

A project to add maps of library location to HOLLIS search results; maps are currently available, but not directly accessible from search results.