Open Access Liaisons

Open Access Liaisons provide support to schools and research centers that have adopted open access policies. They seek out and process deposits into DASH, Harvard's open-access repository, and assist faculty with questions about the policy and its implementation.

Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Emily Bell

Research Librarian

Lamont Library


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Harvard Graduate School of Design

Sarah W. Dickinson

Research Support Services Librarian

Frances Loeb Library


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Harvard Graduate School of Education

Carol Kenter

Digital Course Content Manager

Gutman Library


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Rebecca Y. Martin

Collections Strategist and Scholarly Communications Librarian

Gutman Library

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Harvard Business School

John Galvin

Assistant Director

Case Service Center


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Harvard Divinity School

Renata Kalnins

Research Librarian

Andover-Harvard Theological Library


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Harvard Kennedy School

Valerie Weis

Research and Knowledge Services Librarian

HKS Library and Knowledge Services


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Harvard Law School

June Casey

Research Librarian for Open Access Initiatives and Scholarly Communication

Harvard Law School Library


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Harvard Medical School

P. Scott Lapinski

Digital Resources and Services Librarian

Countway Library


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Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Amanda B. Spickard

Director of Research Strategy and Development


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